About Us

Our Mission

We are Conjunction Press, a literary arts organization and micropress led by two Oregon State University MFA program alumni. During our time in Corvallis, we found lots of inspiration and support by sharing ideas with the other members of our cohort, so we didn’t want to stop working together after graduation. Through Conjunction Press, we aim to foster that collaborative spirit with a new group of writers.

In astronomical terms, a conjunction happens when two planets appear to align in the sky. In astrology, it’s the moment they meet in the same sign, combining their energies to create harmonies or tensions in someone’s star chart. When we cowrite a zine, we’re forming a conjunction of our perspectives, which leads (we think) to more fascinating works of art.

As Conjunction Press, we’ll share prompts and artwork to inspire new ideas and host virtual events to build a literary community. We’ll also offer a quarterly zine subscription and give readers an opportunity to contribute to a winter solstice zine. Our goal is to encourage other writers and artists to experiment with their own creative projects.

Who We Are

Carolyn Supinka (she/her) is a writer and visual artist originally from Indiana, Pennsylvania. She writes poems and makes art at the intersection of intimacy, illness, and ecology. She is interested in drawing and reading comics, printmaking and book arts. Her dream is to help create a space where writers and artists can come together to make and share their work. Her work has been published in Hobart, DIAGRAM, Sixth Finch, and Buckman Journal, among others. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon, where she tends to a small garden and is (slowly) learning to skateboard.

Karah Kemmerly (she/her) is a queer poet, community college teacher, and fiber artist who grew up in the California Central Valley. In her work, she draws inspiration from plants, the sea, the ’90s, horror movies, tarot, and Robert Pattinson. You can find some of her poems in HAD, Redivider, Ethel, Breakwater Review, and DEAR. In addition to making poems and poetry comics, she loves experimenting with embroidery, weaving, watercolors, and natural dyes. She’s a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon, Taurus rising. She has seen the 2004 movie Van Helsing more than twenty times.

Email Us

Carolyn: carolyn@conjunctionpress.org

Karah: karah@conjunctionpress.org